Uplifting Youth Voices:
Breaking Cycles of Young Adult Homelessness

This November 1-December 31, Breaktime is asking YOU to help break cycles of young adult homelessness by engaging in our combined National Youth Homeless Awareness Month and Annual Campaign efforts. 


We understand that housing and financial insecurity is in every community, and our programming has to be expanded state-wide to have the most impact in the Commonwealth. This October, Breaktime took its first step in launching our work statewide, partnering with the MetroNorth Workforce Board! 


Now, it is time for our network to come together and move towards expansion. 


Can you help us? 

  1. Help us raise awareness around housing insecurity by taking part in the National Youth Homelessness Awareness month 

  2. Help us raise the funds needed for our expansion efforts in the upcoming year. Our goal is to raise $25,000 in our End of Year Campaign that will be used as a catalyst to branch out into our third district early 2023. 


National Youth Homeless Awareness Month and how YOU can get involved: 


Through November’s National Youth Homeless Awareness month, founded in 2007, communities nationwide have dedicated this month to bringing awareness to the millions of young people experiencing homelessness every year. We recognize that the struggles that young adults experiencing homelessness endure have been met with a lack of awareness and compassion. It is critical for us to engage in consciousness-raising of the challenges that this group faces, as it will allow us to be better advocates for equal treatment for all, regardless of race, identity, or housing status.


Click on any of the events listed below to read more about the event and RSVP your attendance!

Supporting Breaktime’s mission can have a huge impact.

 Since 2020...


transitional employment opportunities created for young adults experiencing homelessness.


of alumni are stably employed after Breaktime's program


of alumni are in medium- or long-term stable housing after Breaktime's program.


point increase in average credit score of six months

You can help change the lives of many young people, including Fletcher.

November is National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month

According to research from the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall, one in ten young adults experience homelessness each year. Among these young people experiencing homelessness, 89% are people of color and 40% identify as members of the LGBT+ community. Over the course of a given night, over half a million persons experience homelessness in some form. The growing prevalence of homelessness among young adults is approaching epidemic proportions and reveals the deepest inequalities in our society. 


There is a constant lack of awareness (and compassion) toward the struggles people experiencing homelessness endure. Greater awareness of the struggles this group faces will allow us to be better advocates for equal treatment for all, regardless of race, identity, or housing status. 


This November, in honor of National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month, Breaktime will be especially active throughout its media and policy platforms to support youth experiencing homelessness. This year's theme at Breaktime, “Uplifting Youth Voices: Breaking Cycles of Young Adult Homelessness”, seeks to empower those with lived experiences to share their story in effort to raise awareness on this hidden issue.  Please support us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and take part in our National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month Programming. 


By supporting Breaktime, you’re supporting a valuable and important social movement. With a bright heart and an open mind, please consider interacting with us throughout the end of the year. 

Get Involved! 

Participate in November Awareness Activities

We have lots of exciting opportunities to help spread awareness throughout the month. Be sure to follow our social media pages to learn more about what you can do!

Share Breaktime's Mission on Giving Tuesday (11/29)

Help share our mission of ending young adult homelessness by encouraging others to give to Breaktime on #GivingTuesday!


Give towards the End of Year campaign that will allow us to expand our work statewide.


Awareness Month Kickoff- November 1st 

When: November 1st, 6-7pm EST

Where: Zoom 

What: Breaktime is hosting a webinar to kick off National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month! Join us to hear from Breaktime’s Co-founder and Executive Director, Connor Schoen, about Breaktime’s impact and statewide expansion!

This webinar will also feature stories from several young adults who have gone through Breaktime’s program in hopes of raising awareness of the struggles that youth face nationwide. This webinar will also include remarks from a special guest.

We also hope to use this webinar as an opportunity to share that toward which we look forward to in 2023. With your help, we can continue investing in our communities and creating stable change for youth experiencing homelessness across the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Nationwide Drive Week

When: November 13-18 

What: During the week of the November 13th, Breaktime is coordinating a Nationwide Donation Drive to get people all across the country involved in National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month. More information coming soon!