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Mission & Model


Breaktime is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit working to break the cycle of young adult homelessness. We believe it is time to break down barriers, break into systems, and break apart stigmas that hold back young adults experiencing housing insecurity. Through transitional employment and financial empowerment, Breaktime works to break down barriers to job security, financial security, and–ultimately–housing security for our Associates. This process of early intervention enables Breaktime to combat long-term chronic homelessness and support young adults in becoming stably employed and housed. Moreover, through awareness-building and policy advocacy on the local, state, and national level, Breaktime catalyzes systemic change by breaking into systems and breaking apart stigmas that unjustly harm high-potential young people.


Breaktime’s core program is a three-part transitional employment program that utilizes supported partnerships to empower young adults experiencing housing insecurity.  The three parts of our program are Launchpad, Liftoff, and Stable Orbit.

Breaktime Associate working at Cityscapes Plant Care

Launchpad is a cohort-based professional development training program focused on soft skills and financial empowerment.  As part of Launchpad, young adults receive credit counseling and can enroll in our match savings program.  Upon completion, Breaktime connects associates with local nonprofits or small businesses where they work for three months as part of our Liftoff Program. During this time, they earn a living wage of $18+ per hour for 20-30 hours per week while gaining valuable work experience with continued support from Pathway Coaches.  This process of early intervention enables Breaktime to combat long-term chronic homelessness and support young adults in becoming stably employed and housed.  At the conclusion of Liftoff, young adults are enrolled into our Stable Orbit program which provides 3 years of continued support towards their career and education goals via Pathway Coaching.  Breaktime’s Pathway Coaches come from Boston’s top Master of Social Work programs and provide intentional  support to young adults throughout the entirety of the model.  They provide one-on-one support, facilitate workshops, make community referrals, and collect key outcomes data.

The Breaktime model is uniquely and intentionally designed to support young adults to access high-quality, in demand job opportunities while providing them with the skills, financial knowledge, and support necessary for them to acquire long-term stable housing.

Double Impact Initiative 

Professional development and empoyment training for homeless youth


3 weeks

Breaktime Associate Working at ABCD Food Pantry in Boston


3 months 

Breaktime associate getting GED

Stable Orbit

3 years

Skills Learned and Practiced

  • Professionalism

  • Goal-Setting

  • Introduction to Housing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication

  • Dependability

  • Self-care

  • Job Process Prep: Interviewing, Cover Letter, Resume, LinkedIn

  • Budgeting & Credit

Benefits of Transitional Employment

  • Building transferable job skills

  • 20-30 hours of paid work

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Exposure to new skills and fields

  • Positive impact on the community

  • Opportunity to save $1300

Services include

  • Continued 1 on 1 Pathway Coaching

  • Resume writing support

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Exposure to job opportunities

City Center

Wages and Matched Savings

Earn $18/hour 20-30 hours a week during 3 month worksite placement

Earn up to $10,000 over the course of the program 

Obtain over 50 hours job training and professional development skills

Leave Breaktime after three months with up to $1,300 in savings

1:1 credit counseling accessible for a year

Pathway Coaching 

Case managment services at Breaktime

Throughout every aspect of our model young adults are paired with a Pathway Coach to navigate transitions, break down barriers, and celebrate successes as they move through our model and their careers.  Pathway coaches are Masters of Social Work students from local Universities like Boston College and Simmons University. 

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