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Become a NYHAM Partner
and Help Change the Narrative

Thank you for being interested in joining Breaktime’s National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month campaign! We feel inspired by the amazing work that each of our partner organizations does, and we hope to join forces with you to amplify empathy and humanity within the conversation of young adult homelessness.

Download our 2023 NYHAM toolkit to find key dates, messaging and graphics that you can easily copy, paste, and share to present a unified message. 

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A selection of sample social posts to use throughout the campaign are listed below. Click on any post image to download the suggested graphic for each post. Please feel free to adjust the language in any sample post to fit your organization’s mission and initiatives! 

To access the customizable canva files and add your logo or edit graphics, click here.
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What is National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month?


#NYHAM is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness about youth homelessness and its systemic solutions here in the US. This year, we’re partnering with @Breaktime to form a national community devoted to ending young adult homelessness and its misconceptions. Together, we can #ChangeTheNarrative while shining a light on the hidden homelessness that disproportionately impacts young adults.

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One in 10 young adults experiences homelessness in the United States every year. But why? What are the factors that result in such a high rate of homelessness among young people?

Learning the root causes is the first step towards building a pathway towards eradicating youth homelessness. 

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It’s time to center empathy and humanity within conversations about homelessness! This National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month, we’re partnering with @Breaktime and over 20 organizations around the country to debunk misconceptions and remove the stigma surrounding homelessness. Join us in our campaign to #ChangeTheNarrative!

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“Homelessness is a state of being, not an identity."

Unfortunately, when people think of homelessness, negative stigmas and stereotypes persist that harm young adults experiencing housing insecurity. These misconceptions lead to implicit biases that heighten barriers these young adults face during the housing and hiring processes, furthering the cycle of young adult homelessness. 

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