Black Lives Matter.

Dear members of the Breaktime community,

Today and always, Breaktime stands in solidarity with the Black community as we grapple, yet again, with our country’s unrelenting history of persecution, oppression, and murder of people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others.


Breaktime was founded with the mission of empowering young people within our community and helping them to overcome the systemic barriers they face when applying for a job and securing stable housing. We see each and every day how systemic racism manifests itself in senseless killings, in our flawed criminal justice system, and in disproportionate rates of unemployment and homelessness. Approximately 40% of the homeless population in the United States is black, and research shows that racism, structural oppression, and unconscious bias in our society continue to contribute to these disproportionate rates of homelessness. Moreover, people experiencing homelessness may have starkly different experiences purely based on the color of their skin. 

To break the cycle of homelessness, it is clear that we must end racial inequity. To do this, we all must own up to the mistakes we have made and all stand up to be a part of the change. Thus, we welcome you to join the Breaktime team in committing to any, or all, of the following actions:


Ending homelessness requires that individuals, communities, organizations, policymakers, and funders all work collectively to dismantle racism and systems of oppression.  We are dedicated to this change and stand together with the countless others who have made this commitment.

In solidarity,


The Breaktime Family