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Break Down Barriers
Break Into Systems  
Break Apart Stigmas

Through purposeful transitional employment, we empower young adults experiencing homelessness to build stability in their own lives while building resilience in their communities.

Breaktime liftoff graduate
Break Down Barriers

to job security, financial security, and housing security 

Break Into Systems

that unjustly hold back young adults from obtaining long term housing security 

Break Apart Stigmas

that perpetuate toxic stereotypes of high potential young people

Breaktime’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by equipping young adults with the job and financial security they need to establish housing security. By providing employment, wraparound services, and financial support, Breaktime works to ensure that every young person has the tools they need to achieve job, financial, and long-term housing security. 


The Problem

1 in 10

 young people endure some form of homelessness each year


of youth experiencing homelessness are LGBTQ+


of youth experiencing homelessness are BIPOC


young people in Massachusetts are disconnected from work and/or school

Our Program

Breaktime’s program (Launchpad, Liftoff, and Stable Orbit) is a three-part Supported Transitional Employment program that utilizes community partnerships to empower young adults aged 18-25 experiencing/at risk of housing insecurity. Associates engage in 3 weeks of work readiness training and financial education in Launchpad, 3 months of paid job placement with our employer partnerships in Liftoff, and 3 years of continued wraparound support  via  Breaktime’s Young Adult Services team in Stable Orbit. The Breaktime model is uniquely and intentionally designed around the 6 Essentials of Success (6ES) to support young adults to access job opportunities at a liveable wage while equipping them with the skills, financial knowledge, and support necessary for them to acquire long-term stable housing. 

3 weeks

3 months

3 years

Referral Partner


Professional Development & Personal Empowerment


Paid Transitional Employment with Site Partner


Employment & Financial Stabilization Services

Equipped, Engaged, & Empowered 

Hands Up

Alumni Statistics


increase in hourly wage by end of Breaktime's program


of alumni are employed and or in school 


of alumni are in medium- or long-term stable housing


point increase in average credit score after six months

Organizational Values 

Young Adults First 

Elevating young adults' voices is a core guiding principle behind Breaktime’s work. Young adults experiencing homelessness are often silenced in their communities, but we believe in the power and potential of each young person that walks through our doors. We support young adults experiencing homelessness in advocating for themselves to create change and build awareness for young adult homelessness. We use language that puts people before labels, recognizing that individuals are not defined by their experiences with homelessness. By putting people first, we show compassion, cultural acceptance, and gratitude towards each other.

Radical Inclusion

Breaktime is an anti-racist, anti-homophobic organization constantly striving to build a Team and Board that reflect the diversity of the young adults employed in our program. Radical inclusion is “the intentional inclusion of all persons; especially people who have traditionally lived at the margins of society.” To us, radical inclusion is about creating an equitable and welcoming organization, particularly for those who are typically not included at the table. This permeates into how we make decisions at Breaktime, and we are grateful for the diverse perspectives that allow us to do so. From our Youth Leadership Board to our hiring decisions to the design of our physical space, radical inclusion is front and center in everything Breaktime does.

Collaborative Innovation

At Breaktime, we believe that many of the tools and resources to create transformative social change already exist, but need to be coordinated in the right way. We refrain from 'reinventing the wheel' and, instead, proactively build strong partnerships with other key stakeholders (including other nonprofits, government agencies, and funders) to more efficiently end young adult homelessness. We think boldly and creatively about what is possible, then act collaboratively to get it done, and are committed to continuous learning and growth. Rather than acting as a group of individuals, we work collectively as a team and elevate the unique perspectives of everyone in order to achieve our goals. We also believe that showing gratitude towards one another is essential in creating a healthy and supportive work environment, and allows us to collaborate with each other more effectively.

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