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We are the Breaktime Family.

A community of action-driven optimists committed to ending young adult homelessness.

Breaktime is a youth-led 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise started out of Harvard University that launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness through transitional employment and empowerment. Our organization tackles and prevents long-term chronic homelessness through early intervention and providing accessible pathways to launching a career. We believe that every young adult experiencing homelessness deserves the chance to take control of their own careers and destinies, and ultimately find their way home.

Breaktime is Boston’s first supported transitional employment program specifically tailored to young adults experiencing homelessness.

1/10 young adults in the USA experience some form of homelessness each year.


While foundational job training programs exist, there are too few places that employ young adults experiencing homelessness after their completion.


Stable employment has been found to be the most critical factor in achieving stable housing. 

Sources: Chapin Hall, Yale Law Journal

Breaktime offers a flexible one year of "second-step" supported transitional employment to young adults experiencing homelessness. We then help pair our employees with their next opportunity.


We support our young adults with professional and personal development along with one-on-one career mentorship to build social capital and equip them for the 21st century workforce.


We prioritize building community, reducing stigma, and catalyzing systems-level change.

The Context

Our Model

Breaktime is a

Community Partner of 

The City of Boston's Plan to End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness.

Read the Plan.

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