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Referral Sources

Breaktime believes in partnership with others who are already doing great work with young adults who are at high risk, currently experiencing, or recently housed from homelessness. Our main focus is to support the employment piece of youth homelessness; for this reason, many of our referring organizations have some focus in housing or case management support. If you have interest in becoming a referral source or having Breaktime associates referred to you, contact Natasha Adeyemi.

Start Referring Young Adults to Breaktime!  
  • The young adult you refer receives up to $10,000 in support over the course of a year. About $6,000 of this sum is earned wages over a mere three months of employment and $1,300 is from our matched savings program. 

  • Beyond getting paid for their work, associates train and practice core soft skills such as attendance, punctuality, communication, and conflict resolution. Breaktime also provides resources and coaching around financial empowerment and personal growth. 

  • Referral source case managers are updated a minimum of once a month about the associates they referred to Breaktime. We work with you in helping young adults get the wrap around assistance they need to succeed. 

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