Substantive policy change is an essential tool to addressing the root causes of young adult homelessness and elevating the impact of Breaktime’s work to a new scale. By working with public officials, Breaktime bolsters funding, increases resources, and safeguards protections for young adults experiencing homelessness. Here are some of our largest policy successes to date:


Recent Achievements



Through a collaborative process, we have worked with the City of Boston to secure $800,000 in year-round youth employment opportunities, leveraging $500,000 in ARPA funds to support new investments for the success of out-of-school youth.

Breaktime successfully passed Amendment 744 in the Massachusetts legislature. Prior to Amendment 744, Massachusetts had no state funding committed specifically to supporting year-round employment opportunities for young adults experiencing homelessness. To address this issue, Breaktime partnered with State Senator Julian Cyr to file Amendment 744, which amended the Commonwealth’s youth employment line item to include a focus on ending youth and young adult homelessness. 

Through Breaktime's advocacy, line item 7002-0012 passed in the FY22 budget. This line item provides funding for the Commonwealth’s Youthworks initiative, which ensures that LGBTQ+ young adults and young adults of color are supported through the $24 million dollars of funding.

Breaktime's Bill of Rights For Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Our Team...

  • Facilitates conversations between elected officials and young adults experiencing homelessness to inform our leaders about the importance of policy dedicated to breaking the cycle of young adult homelessness

  • Trains our Associates to become stronger advocates for public policy and social change

  • Hosts roundtables and public events to amplify the voices of our Associates in City Hall, the State House, and the halls of Congress and the White House