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Join Us in Ending Young Adult Homelessness

At Breaktime, we envision a world where young adult homelessness is a thing of the past. We aim to achieve this by providing employment and comprehensive support services, ensuring that young adults have the necessary tools for job, financial, and long-term housing security.

The Frieze Family Foundation has partnered with Breaktime to catalyze our new Breaktime Community Fund (BCF). BCF provides life-changing funding to address financial barriers and/or catalyze game-changing opportunities. 

The Frieze Family Foundation has generously offered to match any contributions made in November and December up to $50,000. Your generosity will now have twice the impact and will directly benefit our newly-launched BCF program. 

Your support can help us turn this vision into reality. As we approach the end of the year, your contribution will be more than a donation – it's a tool for change and a means of empowerment for Breaktime’s young adult Associates into 2024.

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Inspired by our young adult Associates (see this video), Breaktime has launched the Breaktime Community Fund (BCF) to provide Breaktime Associates with life-changing funding to address financial barriers and/or catalyze game-changing opportunities. Financial barriers often arise that other emergency aid sources cannot cover, and they can completely derail a young person’s path to stable employment and stable housing. Also, certain potential high-impact opportunities are not funded by government benefits but could accelerate an Associate’s pathway out of homelessness and into a successful career. Through the Breaktime Community Fund, Associates will be able to request funding for unexpected / emergency costs or Game-Changer Funding.


Examples of funding include, but are not limited to, the following:
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