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National Social Work Month

National Social Work Month is honored every March in an effort to celebrate the social work profession. The National Association of Social Workers declared this year’s theme as “Empowering Social Workers” with the intention of raising awareness and advocating for initiatives that support social workers and improve their livelihood. It’s an important time to recognize and appreciate the contributions of all social workers toward creating safer and healthier communities.

At Breaktime, social workers are essential to our mission of breaking the cycle of young adult homelessness. Masters of Social Work (MSW) professionals and MSW students at Breaktime directly support the individual and collective success of our young adults. Our social workers assist Breaktime Associates as they progress through our program – they help connect young adults to housing and education resources, coach them through life challenges to identify their personal goals, and support their success in the workplace.

To gain a better understanding of this work, we interviewed Katie Taylor and Elysia Bedell, two impactful social workers who are a part of our Young Adult Services Team at Breaktime.


Why did you choose social work?


How does your role as a social worker support Breaktime Associates?


Why do you think social work is crucial in helping to end young adult homelessness?


Without Social Work, Breaktime would not be able to accomplish the intentional and life-changing work that we have set out to do. We are grateful for our amazing and dedicated team of social workers who are utilizing their passion and knowledge to positively impact the lives of our community. This month, we hope you take the time to appreciate and empower social workers in your life!

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