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Pride and Joy: In Living Color

Updated: Jul 17

"Pride is about showing up as your authentic self, but many of us have fought so hard to just still be here. That being said, the side of Pride that many people don't see is healing - healing the wounds of the battles we have fought, won, and lost. It is in the healing of Pride that encourages us to embrace every version of ourselves, unapologetically, and continue the fight for a better future."

- Victoria Amico, Training Coordinator

This year, thousands of members of the LGBT+ community and allies joined together in marching for Pride. Embodying the spirit of the event, as well as its tagline, “Still Here: In Living Color,” Breaktime staff and associates marched alongside close partner BAGLY, bringing awareness to LGBT+ youth’s increased risk of experiencing homelessness. 

After the parade, we asked Breaktime staff and Associates to reflect on their feelings and experiences at Pride. Below are some of their thoughts! 

"This was my first pride. I loved being in an energetic and overwhelmingly accepting environment. It's amazing to see the amount of support that Boston community members, public officials, and public safety officers displayed."

- Kevin James, Manager of Institutional Giving

"The atmosphere was electric. I felt honored to be a part of this event. Feeling much gratitude for the safe environment and loving community."

- Jordan, Breaktime Associate

"Working at Road of Rainbows, I watched as runners of all backgrounds and degrees of physical ability ran together in celebration of pride. Despite constant threats to the LGBT+ community and their personal freedom, these young adults celebrated the bonds that bring them together. Through tens of 5ks and half marathons, I’ve never seen such a blazing community presence after a race. Theirs is, after all, a story of pride." 

- Jacob Landau, Communications Coordinator

"The 2024 Boston Pride parade was one of the most beautiful and inspiring experiences of my life. Surrounded by Breaktime Associates, Alumni, staff,  friends, and community members, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride, joy, and excitement."

- Connor Schoen, Executive Director

"Tabling at Road of Rainbows during Pride was an awesome experience. It was amazing to see the joy and unity within the community, and to share information about Breaktime’s mission. I felt proud to be part of a team that is making a real difference for young adults facing homelessness."

- Hannah Hines, Engagement Manager

"It was my first pride with Breaktime, and it brought me joy to see so many people involved across teams and, most importantly, having some of our Young Adults come and march in the parade in support of Pride and Breaktime."

- Christian Garcia, HR Director

“It was my first pride, and I couldn’t have wished for a better one. We met so many people who have been impacted by homelessness in the past and whose eyes lit up when they heard what Breaktime does. It was one of the most positive, energizing, and community-building experiences I’ve had.”

- Jules Maduro, Training Coordinator

“I enjoyed the energy we all had! Very inviting and welcoming I felt! Definitely puts a smile on my face to be reminded that Breaktime is inclusive and is here to give help and support to all that need it.”

- Lady Autumn, Breaktime Associate

"Participating in Pride events with Breaktime this year allowed me to truly see the strength of our community. It is inspiring to witness Breaktime staff and the broader community embrace their true selves and encourage others to do the same. I met so many wonderful people and was able to connect deeply on the meaningful work Breaktime does to support young adult LGBTQ+ community members who face higher rates of homelessness."

- Lily Bond, Development Coordinator

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