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Breaking the Cycle of Young Adult Homelessness

Through transitional employment and financial empowerment, Breaktime works to break down barriers to job security, financial security, and–ultimately–housing security for our Associates.


Full-time transitional employment opportunities created


Total resources paid out to young adult Associates
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Breaktime featured on CBS Evening News!

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Our Mission

Breaktime is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit working to break the cycle of young adult homelessness.

We believe that it is time to break down barriers, break apart stigmas, and break into systems that hold back young adults experiencing housing insecurity. Through transitional employment and financial empowerment, Breaktime works to ensure job security, financial security, and—ultimately—housing security for these young people.

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Thank you to all of our funders for the support you have given us to not only continue meeting the current needs of young adults experiencing homelessness, but also sustain our work for years to come.


Breaktime co-founders with the first individual to go through Breaktime's program.

“I don’t know where I’d be today without Breaktime…It’s not just a job, it’s an actual career propellant that launches you forward to wherever you want to go.”

Connor Schoen and Tony Shu, Forbes 30 under 30

Empowering young people and feeding families

NBS covering young adult homelessness in Boston

Boston Nonprofit Aims to Fight Homelessness in LGBTQ+ Young People

CBS covering young adult homelessness

Nonprofit aims to end cycle of youth homelessness with job training

Scripps covering young adult homelessness in Boston

Massachusetts non-profit trying to end youth homelessness


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